Warm congratulations to the members of the Argentine Transna



Argentina’s well-known Drone racers team “Argentos Racing Team” and Newmumu Technology have reached a strategic partnership!!! NewMumu Global Cooperative Club adds new members. The “Argentos Racing Team” is a team composed of the best Argentine racing and Freestyle pilots. It is an international team that has represented Argentina in the FPV Drone Races many times. Their team members Rodrigo Martinez (AKA RDM3D) and Dario Polverini (AKA DAX FPV) has specialize in FPV Freestyle , and are happy to share freestyle videos and “Tech & Tuning” tips with the rest of the community. Members of his “Argentos racing team” team, Diego Godoy (AKA DRacer) and Juan Rama (AKA Mr. T), have won the Argentine FPV racing championship for the past 4 years. The cooperation between Newmumu Technology and “Argentos Racing Team” will greatly enhance the understanding of both parties, better supporting the growth of both parties, and promoting exchanges between FPV pilots in various countries. Newmumu Technology is an innovative technology company focused on the production of the entire universe of kwads and Kwad parts. It products covers all types of kwads and Kwads parts, from 3″ Micro kwads to 5″ racers and freestylers. NewMumu has carried out in-depth cooperation with the Transit FPV Drone Clubs in many countries around the world, and has held a number of large-scale online events. Welcome global pilots to join us.