TCMMRC Propeller Event Finished perfectly



Last week, TCMMRC held online events on multiple platforms such as Facebook and IG. During the warm-up phase of the event, many well-known pilots and key national FPV personalities helped us to promote the event, and the atmosphere was very warm. Hundreds of people share activity posts every day, and thousands of FPV pilots know the FPV activities of TCMMRC. The prizes for this event are limited to 100 copies of FPV 5046 propellers. In just a few days after the event began, more than 200 people participated in the event and gave out 100 copies of FPV 5046 propeller blades.
Thank you for your participation. We look forward to the next event and continue to follow TCMMRC.

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在上周,TCMMRC在Facebook和IG等多个平台上举行了在线活动。在活动的热身阶段,多名知名飞手和地区国家级FPV重要人士主动帮助我们推动活动的进行,气氛十分热烈。每天有上百人分享活动帖子,有上千个FPV飞行员知道TCMMRC的FPV活动。本次活动奖品限量100份FPV 5046螺旋桨免费送。活动开始后的短短几天内,有200多人参加了活动,共送出100份FPV 5046桨叶。感谢飞手们的参与。我们期待下一场活动,并继续关注TCMMRC。

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